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Strategic blogger outreach campaign to connect with the Sue's Silk target audience and tell the story of her Thai silk fashion imports.

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Social media campaign to help anti-sexual assault organization RAINN raise over $500,000 in response to the Jerry Sandusky child abuse revelations.

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Creation of content and event social media coordination to help publicize the graduation of WGU Washington, non-profit online university.

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Growth of Afrobeatnik Twitter audience by over 12,000 followers in a span of six months using content curation and audience engagement tactics. Growth resulted in a 50 percent increase in sales conversions from Twitter.

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A lover of new media, I've worked in online marketing and content creation with organizations throughout the U.S. I have a passion for creating compelling and authentic content that helps brands successfully communicate to and grow their audiences. I am inspired by human interaction, what lights the spark in someone's eye, and honest storytelling.

We live in the age of information overload. Simply creating good content doesn't cut it anymore. The things we create and share need an emotional hook, whether it be heart-warming, comedic, or insanely relatable. Your audience needs a reason to stop their busy lives to consume your content when there are a million other messages competing for their attention. I use strategic content marketing plans to help brands communicate their value. Every brand has an area of expertise, an arena of thought-leadership they can own. The key to content marketing is capitalizing on that and crafting captivating stories an audience can connect with in some way.

Do you ever feel like you're blogging to an empty crowd? Content marketing is also about getting your message in front of the right audiences. I use digital marketing tactics like social PR, social advertising, and email marketing to make sure that all the work you put into your content does not go unnoticed. The way content is packaged and promoted is just as important as its creation.

Originally I hail from the desert hills of Kennewick, Washington. Though these days you'll find me in the more liberal (and wet) city of Seattle, making films, blogging up a storm, and hunting in thrift shops. My favorite things are comedy, clothing, cupcakes, and my funny little boston terrier. When I'm not working in the realm of digital strategy, I'm consumed by my other passion project, Afrobeatnik, a vintage fashion e-commerce site with a strong belief in the beauty of diversity.


Angela Moorer

Multimedia ProducerContent Marketer

Tell your story through content that reaches your audience’s audience.